Curriculum Based Theatre is the process of transferring topics covered in the academic curriculum, into dramatic pieces of text or theatre in education scripts.  These scripts are based around the facts and information pertinent to the particular topic and are put together in an interesting engaging way, meaning that the information is transferred into scenarios which are more accessible to students.  As with any script, curriculum based theatre needs to be rehearsed.  Rehearsal involves a lot of repetition and with repetition comes retention.  If the script covers all of the important information corresponding to a part of the academic syllabus, it stands to reason that, with rehearsal of a theatre in education script, comes an imbedded memory of the subject.  Scripts for children help them to learn without feeling that it is as much of an effort to do so – indeed, using theatre in education can make it become fun!

Reflect Productions can write scripts for children to order, to cover the particulars of any topic. We can also meet requirements for number of children to be involved and period of time available for rehearsal.


The process of staging a ‘topic based play’ is from planning, through to rehearsal and finishing with a performance of the piece.

1: We need to know the topic to be covered, what standards the students are required to meet and what facts/information needs to be included in the script

2: Who is to be involved?

How many children would you like to take part in the piece? How long would you like it to last and how much time do you have available for rehearsals?

3: Creating a Context For Presenting the Facts

We will come up with a context for presenting the required information and ensure that every student has individual involvement in the piece. The finished scripts for children will contain the necessary information, but will also be more than a dull recitation of facts. We will create plays with interesting characters, plots and dramatic styles to ensure that the pieces are interesting and engaging pieces of curriculum based theatre.

4: From Process to Product:

After creating the curriculum based theatre script, we will run a full rehearsal process with the students – culminating in a fully-staged piece of theatre. This can then be presented to selected audiences. This may be for fellow classmates, the class next door, a school assembly or parents. With performance as a goal, students are motivated to read, repeat and practice even the least compelling curriculum content because it is scripted in new, different and sometimes humorous ways and they want to do well in front of their peers.  We normally require 3-4 rehearsals, although this can be altered to suit specific needs


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