Reflect TIE can provide a variety of Key Stage 2 Workshops, across  London and Surrey. Our sessions are fun, interactive and aimed specifically to cover key parts of the curriculum at an appropriate level.  Learning topic information through drama, means that the students become active participants in their learning and, through imagination and creative exercises can fully immerse themselves in a different time/place/story or culture.  Rather than learning about a topic, our KS2 Workshops encourage students to experience a subject as they work with our practitioners, creatively, to cultivate understanding and passion for any given subject

Our high-energy, yet focused, approach to teaching ensures that all students are engaged in the curriculum workshop and, most importantly, that their memory of the session helps to commit important facts and subject material to lasting memory.

A list of the key stage 2 Workshop topics we can provide are listed below.

We can also provide Key Stage 1 Workshops here and EYFS Workshops here


Step back in time with Ugg and Eme and explore the 10,000 years that span from the Stone Age to the Iron Age. Students get to look at the big changes that occurred during this time and learn what it must have been like to be alive during these different points in human history! Students also get to handle and examine artefacts and tools from the stone age, bronze age and iron age and have a go at communicating without formal language!


Providing an overview of both of these great civilisations, this workshop will help students understand their location and timeline as well as what it would have been like to live in these societies. Students also get to examine the calendars of both of these civilisations as well as artefacts, plaques and ornaments, play Pokatok – a traditional Mayan ball game and explore how, ultimately, these civilisations came to an end.


Pericles and Aspasia need your help- travelling to visit you from the days for the Ancient Athenian Empire, they need your help in writing a great public speech. Throughout the Workshop, students will explore Ancient Greek Society, Philosophy, Art and architecture, culture and religion before holding their very own debate about the best time to live!


Emperor Augustus visits from The Roman Empire, looking for new soldiers to join his great army. During this workshop, students get to immerse themselves in Roman life; they learn about the structure of society, the lives of the rich and poor, why the army was so successful and what Romans did for fun! From staging our own ‘gladiator fights’ to understanding what happened to Britain when the Romans left – this workshop is a whirlwind tour that is guaranteed to inspire and entertain!


Olaf the Viking has no sense of direction and ends up carrying out a raid in your school by mistake, much to the embarrassment of Elga, the Anglo Saxon! He and Elga set about explaining the differences between their two lives, comparing homes, religion, culture, crime and punishment. All this whilst helping students to understand the timeline of the Vikings and Anglo Saxons in Britain!


Henry VIIIth comes to star in a ‘This Was Your Life’ Programme at your school. During the session, students are invited to become key figures in the King’s life and get interact with him and find out about his childhood and actions as King. At the end of the sessions, students are invited to vote on whether they believe that he was a good or bad King. In this workshop – the audience decides!


Hop Aboard our Time Travel machine and journey back with us to Victorian England – we visit Victorian Homes, play with Victorian toys and get to experience being in a Poor House and Workhouse. At the end we get to compare this with how the wealthy lived and look at ornaments and ornate lamps from the period.


Our Very Own Victorian teacher will take over your classroom and educate your students the Victorian Way! Students are expected to follow the rules of the classroom and learn The 3 Rs: Reading, Writing and Arithmetic, take part in drill and learn the consequences of stepping out of line! A truly immersive way for students to understand the difference between school life now and during the reign of Queen Victoria.


Tim Berners-Lee comes to meet your class and gives them an overview of his life and achievements, whilst encouraging a debate about the pros and cons of the world wide web! Students are invited to invent a new use of the world wide web/ or devise a new program and create an ‘advert’ to sell the concept to the rest of the class. This session also encourages students to consider online safety and communication.


Join our expedition to the plains of the Masai Marai, where we meet the people and animals and explore a variety of habitats and topic related vocabulary. We also explore food chains and cycles, as well as joining in with some tribal dancing! At the end of our safari, we look back at some of the most memorable holiday ‘snaps’ we took along the way!