Our workshops vary depending on the group to be involved and the style of the session. EYFS Workshops typically run for approximately 60- 90 minutes, whereas character in role visits and curriculum session vary greatly depending on content requirements etc. Please enquire about your preferred style of workshop to get a more accurate duration.


Yes, however we offer a discount when two or more workshops of the same topic are run on the same day.


Our costs vary depending on the length of workshop and number of children taking part. Enquire now for a quotation.


Our EYFS workshops can cater for up to 60 children (when there is more than one class per year group), however we do recommend that smaller groups of 30 children are more ideal. We are flexible and able to cater for your needs.
Curriculum Workshops can cater for up to 60 children in one go (when there is more than one class per year group). However, we generally recommend that smaller groups of 30 are more ideal. We offer a discount for additional classes.
With all of our other styles of workshops we are flexible about numbers and can add on additional practitioners if you prefer to have a larger group take part in a session.

This varies, depending on the style of the workshop
In our EYFS Workshops we use basic items such as hats/ masks and scarves to give an idea of character as well as props and small set items to encourage and stimulate children’s imaginations and to help bring our workshops to life.
Topic based workshops for all ages involve some costumes, masks and props for the interactive sections.
In our Character in role sessions, actors come fully costumed to run the workshop session and have some props and costumes for the children to use, where appropriate. Some of our history session, such as ‘Stone Age’ have relics and replica items for the children to handle and examine.


As most of our workshops encourage physical movement, we ideally prefer to work in a hall or studio. However, we are able to run sessions within the classroom as long as there is enough space and clear of any hazards.


Our availability varies, we have a team of workshop leaders who can cover the London area. Generally with a few weeks’ notice, we are able to accommodate your preferred dates, however this depends on availability.


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