Our Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Workshops are based around any themes or topics, chosen by teachers. Our most popular workshops are listed below – please click for further information. However, we are sometimes able to tailor and design workshops to fit the required needs, so if you have another topic/theme in mind, please contact us to discuss this further.  Regardless of the subject matter, all of these sessions are inclusive, high-energy but focused fun.

When running workshops with Early Years and Foundation Stage groups of children, Reflect practitioners approach each and every session and ‘drama exercise/game’ as a natural addition to child’s play; activities and exercises covered in a EYFS drama workshop are based around activities which already form a natural part of children’s development; such as action-based songs and rhymes, copying or ‘follow-my-leader’ games, group interaction, role play and movement work.

Our practitioners stimulate and encourage participation whilst retaining discipline and good order. The benefits of using drama within the EYFS bracket are enormous; it can build confidence, develop speaking and listening skills, encourage positive group interaction and increase a child’s self-awareness as part of his/her social circle. We strongly believe that using this subject as a development ‘tool’ increases children’s abilities to learn in later years.

Children bring classic stories to life in these interactive sessions which use role play, story-telling, songs and games.

Story options are below:
– Goldilocks and The Three Bears
– Chicken Licken
– The Three Billy Goats Gruff
– Jack and The Beanstalk
– The Three Little Pigs
– The Enormous Turnip
– Little Red Riding Hood
– The Gingerbread Man
– Rapunzel
– The Princess and The Pea
– Hansel and Gretel
– The Musicians of Bremen
– The Monkey and The Tap

Bringing the party to your classroom. Children look at different celebrations before focusing on dancing, singing and games at The Carnival!


Roll up………. Roll Up! Reflect’s Circus has come to town and is looking for some new acts. Children get to experiment in our 5 special Circus Zones before staging their own spectacular show!


In this session children get to discover just how special and individual they are and learn some new facts about their friends too!


Welcome to the Imagination Station where children are invited to embark on a wonderful journey. Travelling by different modes of transport we visit a variety of holiday destinations before packing our bags and bringing some lovely memories home with us!


What makes a real hero? Children look at fun comic book characters, stories and sounds before finding the hero within themselves!


Nigel has lost all of the numbers on his clock again! Join Counting Cathy and face her maths challenges to win them back one at a time. If the children are successful then everyone is invited to our Numeracy Ball – but how good is your counting?


Any season can be an option in this workshop, although winter is our most popular. With soundscapes, movement games, animal links and songs, we may even make you feel so cold that it snows inside!


1: Punctuation Panda to the Rescue!
Help the Punctuation Panda solve Mr Motormouth’s problem. Together, the Punctuation Panda and children teach Mr Motormouth how to write a good story. A physical, high energy session focusing on basic punctuation marks and their function.

2: Bear’s Magic Pencil
A story-based session for Nursery and EYFS groups to encourage mark making. Meet Bear. Bear has a magic pencil – whatever he draws comes to life. However, Bear has a problem; he is not very good at drawing or writing. Luckily Bear has an Artist friend and, along with the help of the children taking part, Bear learns how much fun it can be to draw and write and together they learn how to bring stories to life!

Join Captain Carrot and Captain Fitness as they explore what it means to be healthy. Children take part in Healthy Eating Challenges, learning the difference between ‘anytime’ and ‘sometime’ foods, balancing the plate and discovering different food types. In this high energy workshop, children also explore different ways to exercise, the effects it has on our heart and mood and take part in a ‘Fitness Frenzy Obstacle Course’.


Blast off into Outer Space with Robin the Robot and Annie the Astronaut! An out of this world workshop in which students take part in Astronaut Training, learn about the planets of our Solar System, hunt for moon rocks and go on an imaginary space journey. After all that space travel students come back down to earth and enjoy some ‘outer space’ dancing games to celebrate their return!


Workshop Format 

Our workshops are created around the particular theme or subject chosen. Our Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) workshops typically last between 60-90 minutes depending on the workshop; we feel that this is the optimum time to maintain all the children’s attention.

The format of our workshop varies however our general format is as follows:

  • A short introduction, introducing the theme/subject as well as themselves.
  • A physical and vocal warm-up to help the group focus and prepare for the workshop.
  • An interactive journey linked to the chosen topic, for example, you might take a journey under the sea looking at the different creatures for our ‘Under the Sea’ workshop.
  • Re-cap of the session to consolidate what we have learnt

Frequently Asked Questions

Our workshops typically run for approximately 60- 90 minutes but this can be adapted to suit specific needs


Yes, however we offer a discount when two or more workshops of the same topic are run on the same day.


Our costs vary depending on the length of workshop and number of children taking part. Enquire now for a quotation.


Our EYFS workshops can cater for up to 60 children (when there is more than one class per year group), however we do recommend that smaller groups of 30 children are more ideal. We are flexible and able to cater for your needs.


Although we don’t use full costumes in our EYFS Workshops we do use basic items such as hats/ masks and scarves to give an idea of character as well as props in order to encourage and stimulate children’s imaginations and to help bring our workshops to life.


As our workshops with EYFS encourage physical movement, we ideally prefer to work in a hall or studio. However, we are able to run sessions within the classroom as long as there is enough space and clear of any hazards.


Our availability varies, we have a team of workshop leaders who can cover the London area. Generally with a few weeks’ notice, we are able to accommodate your preferred dates, however this depends on availability.