Reflect TIE’s Drama Workshops are designed to inform, capture students’ imagination and stimulate further interest in curriculum topics.  All of our workshops aim to cover essential topic facts and encourage students to use their imaginations to take a leap into another time and place and meet characters from a variety of different historical periods.  Whilst all of our workshops involve the students becoming active participants in their learning, we do offer a variety of different workshop formats to help bring your chosen theme to life.   These formats are listed below:

Talking Head/Character Visits

An actor-in-role delivers a short talk to students, before answering questions and interacting with students.  Sometimes the actor’s session serves as a catalyst for extended study of a topic and they can then be used to support the children in follow-up work in the classroom

Interactive Topic Sessions

Costumed Characters visit your school and run an interactive topic-based session covering all the pertinent information in a fun, energetic environment.  Our Workshop Sessions normally last between 1 hour – 1 hour 30 minutes, but the duration can be adapted to suit the number of students involved.

Play Projects

The children work with directors to stage a short piece based on the chosen topic. The script is provided by Reflect and the whole process is structured to make sure all students are involved and learning about the subject as they work to stage a performance piece. Play Projects work a little differently from Workshops; they normally have a longer duration and run over a period of 1 – 10 weeks.